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Given all the buzz, youd think an iWatch from Apple would be a case of when rather than if. In theory, such a device could push computing forward. Users could check messages and get alerts and directions without having to whip out their iPhones. (And Dick Tracy would be spinning in his grave.) Heres our quick list of features wed like to see find their way into the still mythical device.鉴于各种传闻甚嚣尘上,所以你认同不会指出,苹果公司(Apple)的iWatch面世是早晚的事。从理论上说道,这样的设备可能会让计算出来应用于向前再行迈进一大步。有了这样的手表,用户就不必须拿著手机来加载信息、查阅警告或取得导航系统指令了(“王者神探”也能在墓中复活了)。

本文将详细讲解一下我们期望这款目前尚能戴着谜样面纱的设备不具备哪些特性。Device pairing. Apple (AAPL) was recently granted a patent for a technology that would allow the two-way transmission of data between a portable media device and an accessory. While most Apple patents never see reality, this one opens the door to a watch that pairs with an iPhone so users could say, view messages, calendar events, Facebook (FB) notifications, or get turn-by-turn directions.设备筛选。



尽管绝大多数苹果专利根本就闻将近天日,这项技术却为这只手表关上了与iPhone筛选的方便之门。这样,用户就能通过它必要网页信息,查询日程安排和Facebook的警告,逐一路口取得提醒改向(turn-by-turn)的导航系统功能。Accelerometer. Imagine what an accelerometer would enable the iWatch to do. Given popular bracelets like Jawbones Up and the Nike+ (NKE) Fuel Band, the iWatch could also be a similar health device, keeping track of things like steps taken and calories burned.加快计。

想象一下加快收将能使iWatch不具备哪些功能吧。想到现在风行的身体健康腕带,比如Jawbones Up和耐克公司(Nike)的Nike+ Fuel Band,iWatch有可能也不会沦为类似于的保健设备,需要跟踪走路的步数和消耗的热量。Curved display. Another patent Apple filed in 2011 reveals the company is working on a flexible screen wrist band with a touch-sensitive curved display across a portion of the wearable video device where the flexible display overlaps itself. Sure, itd be an aesthetic thing, but a curved high-resolution display would be -- for lack of a better word -- hot.曲面显示屏。苹果公司2011年申请人的另一项专利表明,公司正在研发一种柔性屏幕腕带。

它具有一块触控的曲面显示屏,“这块屏幕部分覆盖面积在可配戴的视频设备上,它的柔性屏幕可以拉链一起”。可以认同,这不会是个恨美的产品,而高分辨率曲面显示屏将更为“性感”——我觉得去找将近更佳的词来形容了。Rechargeable battery. Chances are an iWatch wouldnt run for long on conventional watch batteries, so we hope Apple finds a way to make it rechargeable via Lightning cord or even partly by wrist movements like todays kinetic watches. Equally as important: at least a full-day of battery life in between charges.可充电电池。iWatch如果用常规电池很有可能无法续航太久,所以我们期望苹果能通过雷电模块数据线(Lightning cord),或最少使用如今的动能手表那样的技术,利用腕部活动来为电池电池。

某种程度最重要的是,两次电池之间最少要能维持一整天的续航时间。All kinds of sizes. In this case, one size might not fit all. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster wrote recently that a wearable computer could prove more popular with men than women if designed on the larger or chunkier side. It is less likely women will embrace them given womens watches tend to be smaller with a greater emphasis on fashion, explained Munster. Whether or not thats true, Munster sort of has a point: The iWatch may have to come in different flavors to cater to different people. A phone is one thing. But something you strap to your wrist? Thats a sartorial statement.各种尺寸。

就尺寸而言,一种尺寸有可能无法合适所有用户。派杰投行(Piper Jaffray)的分析师吉恩?明斯特日前写到,较小尺寸的可配戴电脑更容易被男性用户拒绝接受。他说明说道:“女性不太可能戴着这种东西,因为女款手表往往更加小,更加特别强调时尚感觉。”不管这是不是知道,明斯特要传达的主要观点是:iWatch有可能必需发售各种尺寸,以合适各类人群。

手机是一其实,但说到你要戴着在手腕上的产品,就是另外一其实了。因为它事关穿著品味。What do you think? What would you like to see in the iWatch?您怎么想要的呢?您期望iWatch享有哪些特性呢?|lol投注平台。